People don’t need people

I got used to the thought that people are not forever in my life. Not for eternity. And it’s easier to live this way. I’m not sad when it’s raining. I’m not sad when I see a sunset alone. I’m not crying at beautiful stories with happy end.

It’s easier to breathe this way. To breathe air. It’s easier to need air to breathe and not someone who replaces it. That person will leave anyway and I’ll have to learn again how to breathe air.

And I’m comfortable this way.

I’m not feeling dependend or weak. I’m not bothering because of somebody who will stab another knife in my back.

This is absolutely better than beeing scared of remaining alone.

And I’m not scared because I’m already alone. I’m alone from the begining.

And I’m good.


Despre frreaky

Hopeless but optimistic I am !
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