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Thoughts [13]

„Человек, быть может, не столько ждет любви, сколько понимания.” ~ Джордж Оруэлл

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Thoughts [11]

“Do you really love me? means, will you accept me in process? Will you embrace what is different about me and applaud my efforts to become? Can I just be human, strong and vibrant some days, weak and frail on others? … Continuă lectura

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Creierul meu si cei 69 de pitici..

N-am scris de mult si nici n-am avut pofta de scris, si am fost prea ocupata, si viata mea e prea incarcata (luind in vedere ca din vreme-n vreme nu am cu ce sa ucid timpul). Zecile de cintece pe … Continuă lectura

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